Thank You

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Thank You


My name is Tranae✨

I am a plethora of things a creative director, merchandising mami, producer, self proclaimed ‘resinista’, a mother, and connoisseur of wholeFull urban living.
It is my pleasure to bring to you the lifestyle and findings of "HeyTranae".
It is a wondrous world of twirling colors and reflections in the darkest of night.
Pieces that, for a brief moment take you away from the ticking tock of the callings clock.
It is my hope that you not only treat yourself or someone you adore to an amazing accessory but that you; in a sense, become one with your piece. Get to know the drips, twirls and swirls like know one else who has had the pleasure of just “catching a gaze"✨.
"Thank you!"  are my first words to you.

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